Friday, 10 June 2011

Tea time tabouleh

Tabouleh salad with grilled chicken

Food blog + gluttonous tendencies = expanding waistline.

TWO extra belt holes since Christmas to be exact.

Time for a lighter diner me thinks - tabouleh and griddled chicken.

nice sweet tomatoes - hooray
Butterflied chicken grilling away nicely
Tabouleh - serves 2

80g bulgar wheat
80g flat leaf parsley (aka a massive bunch)
the leaves from a few stalks of mint, finely chopped
4 finely cut spring onions
handful of nice tomatoes, in small cubes
juice of 2 lemons
very, very good glug of olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

Pour salted boiling water over the bulgar wheat and leave for 10-15 mins.
Its nice when there is still a little texture to the grain i.e. don’t nuke it.
Drain, the run some cold water over the grain to chill it.
Add the cooked bulgar wheat to the other ingredients.
Stir and serve.



  1. sounds yuuuuuuum!!! will be making this asap!

  2. my mouth is watering just looking at this. that tabouleh looks so great with all the green herbs through it. and i love anything that has been griddled. great stuff.