Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Home cured salmon with beetroot

beetroot home cured salmon with rye bread, cream cheese and dill

Sometimes I get an idea in my head, it sticks and no matter what I do, it is hard to shake it out of there. These ideas are almost entirely about food; my brain is a fatty. This recipe is one such example, I’ve been waiting months for the beetroot to appear again on the market stalls. Despite the long wait it didn’t disappoint.  The report card would say, “exceeds expectations”.

salmon with beetroot and vodka (russian porn)

Being shallow, this is an incredibly pretty little dish; deeply pink tinged fringes of the salmon, cut so thin it is almost translucent. The taste was also pretty special; slick, fatty salmon with a hint of umami from the curing liquor. Yummy (even if I do say so myself).

side of salmon with some of the beetroot curing liquor

I served it with rye bread, cream cheese, a smattering of dill fronds and a squeeze of lemon. It was a wonderful simple lunch.

Home cured salmon with beetroot

A side of sashimi grade salmon 500 – 600g
75g sea salt
75g caster sugar
200g grated beetroot
6dsp vodka

Ensure the salmon is clean and remove any remaining bones with tweezers.
Mix all the ingredients, except the salmon, together.
Put half of the beetroot mixture into a glass or ceramic container big enough for the fish.
Add the fish flesh side up and add the remaining beetroot mixture on top.
Cover with cling film and pop in the fridge.
After 24 hours turn the salmon over and cover with the mixture.
Leave the salmon for another 24 – 48 hours.
When you are ready to eat, remove the salmon and rinse it under cold running water briefly just to remove some of the salt.
Pat dry with kitchen towel.
Cut on a diagonal and serve.



  1. This is such a pretty post! I want to make home cured salmon this Christmas so am bookmarking your recipe...if I can make mine look half as good I'll be happy :-)

  2. This salmon looks fantastic and I am sure you have access to the highest quality fish in Scotland. I have never dared making cured salmon since I'm too far from the sea to have it extra-fresh.
    I love your elegant photos!

  3. So gorgeous- such a fantastic combination of flavours (and your photos are just swoon-worthy)...

  4. Hi little loaf, as soon as i made this i thought of christmas too. perfect for feeding unexpected guests or for breakfast on christmas morning... I'll def be making another batch

    sissi - hand on heart the produce in scotland is totally amazing, from raspberries to beef to wild mushroom... im one lucky gal. you have vacherin mon dor though.

    tori - thanks, your comments are always so appreciated

  5. I think I (and my husband) would swap happily a case vacherins for a bottle of single malt for example and a pound of fresh seafood (I would take the latter of course, I buy delicious Scottish scallops sometimes).

  6. Hey Sissi - the scallops are amazing probably my food heaven along with langoustines. yummy. The hand dived ones are def the best and so much better for the environment. I love switzerland, ive been to zermatt about 7 times!

  7. The salmon looks beautiful with its red tinged edge. Slices of this with cream cheese and a toasted bagel and I would be in heaven.

  8. This looks amazing! And very scandinavian (my hubby is Swedish). I'm sure he would love it!