Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Jersey Shore

I’ve spent the last week on Jersey visiting my incredible little sister or Wee Skanky as she is affectionately known. It’s been a week of watching Roman Duris movies, drinking disgusting quantities of Pimms and long, late night chats about boys. I had a really great time.

I thought today dear reader, if you don’t mind, I would deviate away from my normal course of writing a recipe and instead give you a quick run down of my holiday culinary highlights. I hope you don’t mind too much.

I wanted to write about where we had eaten because I was so impressed by the quality of all the food I managed to scoff my way through last week. I wouldn’t want you to miss out…

Not remotely bohemian but it is Michelin starred. It’s the best 3 course meal I think I’ve had for under £25 quid.

No photos of the meal in bohemia, I didn't want to do the photo taking thing in there. Make do and mend with one of wee skanky and me instead.

A sweet little cafe on a pretty square in St Malo. It is a wonderful place to sample the famous Breton galette.

Buckwheat galette for breakfast of course

I’ve been fantasising about the welks for a week now. Simple crustacean pleasure and French café culture personified.

Implements of torture?

crab, prawns, 2 different types of oysters. shrimp, periwinkles and wonderful welks

Cheap, super tasty and generally authentic Thai food from an understated beach hut. The beef massaman curry was particularly awesome.

dicq shack - worth every step of our 8 mile walk

massaman curry from dicq shack



  1. love it! i miss you! come back soon so we can try the rest of dicq shak menu! xxxx

  2. That galette looks absolutely delicious...and all that seafood? Yum, very jealous :-)

  3. Mmmm...look at all those delicious meals...I am super hungry now :)
    Looks like you had a splendid time with you lil sis!

  4. Do you mean all these wonderful places are on Jersey??? Ok, crêperie is in St Malo, but the rest? I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post and have already started to look for flights to Jersey from Switzerland ;-)
    Thanks for visiting my blog! I am happy to have discovered yours!

  5. Hi Sissi, we took a day trip to st malo in france, it was just an hour away by ferry and we had the crepe and sea food there. If you do end up booking flights let me know and I can recommend a few more places for you to try.xx

  6. Thank you so much! Actually I have checked (see, it wasn't a joke!), but the company which flies between Switzerland and Jersey is horribly expensive. I suppose it would be cheaper to get to St Malo :-)
    If I ever plan going to Jersey, I will certainly ask you for advice. Thank again!