Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Roast peaches with Sauternes and lavender

Peaches, Sauternes and lavender - all ready for the oven

Sometime you get it right, sometimes you don’t. I’ve cooked a few blah recipes recently. Namely a disappointing almond sponge cake and a creamy rabbit, leek and mustard stew which frankly freaked me out. I managed to convince myself that it tasted “funny” and couldn't eat it. I think this is due to my nostalgic memories of my childhood pet bunny Shadow (whaaaa). Another culinary low light of late was a full on 3 hour recipe for an authentic Bolognese (made with 3 different types of meat and all). Despite all the effort the boyfriend’s verdict on it was “tastes like mince, as in mince and tatties”. Humph. Just when I was about to hang up my metaphorical apron and go sob into a packet of biscuits I pulled this little number out the bag/oven and all in the world was good again.

Flat peaches

Granted this is a very girly dessert but, without wanting to blow my trumpet, it is pretty interesting. Succulent white peaches, rich, sticky Sauternes syrup and the delicate perfume of the lavender. I think this would go lovely with some goat’s milk ice cream. If you don’t have any lavender you could substitute rosemary or thyme. I nicked the lavender from the flowerbed at the end of my street. My take on the English riots/rampage.


Roast peaches with Sauternes and lavender
Oven set to 175 degrees celsius
Serves 2-4 depending on greediness and volume of ice cream consumed

6 flat peaches or 4 round peaches
20g butter finely chopped
2 tsp of demerara sugar
a glug of Sauternes, (75-100ml)
2 – 3 springs of lavender (ideally use the sprigs that are just beginning to open up)

Half the peaches and remove the stone, add the pieces to an ovenproof dish so that they fit snugly together.
Scatter over the butter and sugar.
Add a glug of the Sauternes so that the peaches are sitting in a Sauternes bath about 1cm deep.
Add the lavender to the Sauternes.
Pop in the oven for about 50 minutes until the peaches are wonderfully soft and the edges are sweet and crispy.



  1. I can't stop cooking with peaches lately. It's peach season ,yayyyy!

  2. I can confirm, this was absolutely tremendous. i don't even really like peaches, but this i loved. another success! can't wait for the next one.

  3. Lovely and interesting recipe, only thing i can think to make with peaches is a cobbler!

  4. Peaches are so in right now and this recipe is GORGEOUS.

  5. great idea .. i'll try this one .. thanks for posting .. yummy !!