Wednesday, 25 May 2011

1st attempt pizza

mozzarella and greek basil pizza

You may ask the question “how have you got as far as writing a food blog without having made a punny, solitary attempt at making your own pizza?” Fair question which I will counter by asking "why would I ever think of making pizza when the fantastic Franco's is just a phone call away". Last Saturday I set about making my first attempt pizza.

The pizza dough was knocked together in the bread maker. The tomato sauce was a sorry, miserly single leftover potion of 3 day old puttanesca sauce. The toppings I had already except the cheese. I impressively managed to get my ass down the shops for that. My Saturday was one of laziness personified.

I tried to do that swirly-above-the-head-thing with the dough. It didn’t work. It was more for novelty banter than any serious attempt to get the perfect crispy base. To do this I can recommend rolling the dough out with a wine bottle, it did the job. I used a little greek basil with basil olive oil on one of the pizzas and anchovies and kalamata olives on the other. 

So, in conclusion - 
1 -  it isn’t half the palaver that I thought it could be
2 - it can actually compete with Franco's 16 inches.

Anchovy and kalamata olive pizza



  1. You're right - it's not half as hard to make pizza as it looks.

    I read about a fella who wasn't quite satisfied with how hot his oven went, so he modified it by removing the thermostat and another backup gadget that regulates the heat at the top end if something goes wrong so that his oven would heat up to a temperature approximately equal to that of the centre of the sun.

    He even posted a photo tutorial on how to do it.

    His pizza did look fantastic, I must admit, but it should have, seeing as he risked burning down his entire neighbourhood to get it...

  2. I used to make pizza when I was back home. actually it needs a lot of patience and a lot of tidy up afterwards.

  3. such a funny blog! can imagine you swirly the pizza above your head and what a great use of a wine bottle to flatten the pizza-ingenious! pizzas look great-very pretty! ruthie 2-francos 0!